Looks like Forza Horizon is going down the fast and furious route. Hey we still get all the customization of Forza 4

For its last two appearances, Forza Motorsport has focused heavily on the authenticity of auto racing. Each car looked and handled realistically, and tracks were re-created with painstaking detail.

The next installment, Forza Horizon, takes that realism and blends in more culture and atmosphere.

Instead of going through the typical circuits and events, players compete in the massive Horizon Festival, participating in a series of open-road races.

The approach to races is a bit different, too. Players must keep their popularity rank up by speeding down roads with style and skill. Moves such as drifts and close passes net points to beef up their status with fans.

As for the action behind the wheel, it still feels like a textbook Forza title. Cars handle with a weight players would expect from a vehicle, and players still must time their move into turns correctly and with the right speed or face a spinout.

Cars still look gorgeous, sparkling in the sunlight. Players will also have access to the fantastic livery editor, where players can create their own custom paint jobs. Also, designs created from earlier games can be transferred to Horizon (and considering the incredible work players have put into these custom car designs, that's a great thing).

Horizon will also feature voice controls using the Kinect motion sensor. Players can access GPS as well as navigate menu options such as moving on to the next race.

The game launches Oct. 23 for the Xbox 360.

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