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Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay Tips

Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay Tips

Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay Tips

Forza Horizon 3 is an amazing game involving racers set in an open beautiful world based in Australia. There are a lot of locations for you to discover such as Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, Yarra Valley and the Outback. Addition to this, there is a big collection of awesome cars and trucks. The former Horizon games described the player as the racer of the Horizon Festival. In which, they have to accomplish their role. Different from these previous games, you will play as a director of the festival, who has an important mission. That is to make the festival become bigger and more famous over the world. Once you take the responsibility of this task, you can hire or fire any racer or customize races along with Bucket List events around the map using the new Horizon Blueprint feature.

You are able to customize the character’s style and ethnicity. Not only that, vehicles are also able to be adjusted with custom paints and designs, upgrades or body kits from popular manufacturers Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk. There are other aspects of the game that you should not miss, which are called Barn Finds and the Auction House. Barn Finds are the place where players can receive the notice of a rumor. Their objective is to look for it. Meanwhile, the Auction House is an address where you and others will bid on cars in real-time. Other features consist of Playground Games, online free roam, and a continued use of Drivatar technology from previous Forza games on Xbox One.

To finish all quests, you can take a look at the following tips related to the gameplay of the Forza Horizon 3 game right now. They are summarized and clear to read and understand.

  • You can create a Horizon Festival event from scratch by opening up and using the new Horizon Blueprint feature. You should share it with your buddies after this step. Remember to keep track your event then!
  • In case you want to beat your friend’s Speed Trap score, you’d better select a high-speed hyper-car, for example, the Lamborghini Centenario.Or, you can check out some of the new buggies like the Penhall Cholla if you are searching for taking part in an off-road action in the Outback.
  • You can listen to the radio to gather necessary clues which help you reach the area that you can find the secret Barn Find cars. They are often hidden throughout the Forza Horizon 3 game.
  • Create many paint schemes not existing before for the cars that you like most with the in-depth livery editor. You can bring your automotive masterpiece to the Auction House so as to sell it for much more credits.
  • Don’t forget to hire your friends’ Drivatars! They will drive for you and obtain more fans for your Horizon Festival. If this buddy is not getting the job done, you can fire him and recruit another anytime.
  • While you immerse into the cockpit mode, you are recommended to choose the appropriate camera angle. From the hood cam, which can emphasize speed, to a third-person camera, you can pick out what suits your style.
  • Choose the fit transmission configurations like Automatic, Manual and Manual with Clutch. Automatic is the simplest transmission configuration to use while Manual and Manual with Clutch will provide many advantages like faster shift times and more control.

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Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay Tips
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