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Forza Horizon 3 – New Patch Improves Performance & Stability, Adds New Force Feedback Wheels Options

Forza Horizon 3 – New Patch Improves Performance & Stability, Adds New Force Feedback Wheels Options

Playground Games has launched a new patch for the famous awesome Forza Horizon 3 game on Xbox and on PC. Aside from the improvements related to the performance and stability as well as the options for the Force feedback Wheels, you can find some changes for the gameplay, for example, the reduction of XP awarded for banking Skill Chains, and a 30-second cooldown to the Drift Tap skill. Not only that, the update will require NVIDIA’s 376.09 as a minimum driver requirement. Therefore, PC gamers need to download this driver or a new version so as to enjoy the game better. Moreover, the update can solve an issue where tuning values could exist after removing race parts.


Let’s learn more about improvements for the performance of Forza Horizon 3 download!

  • Players, who running four-cope setups on Windows 10, will see many improvements on their CPU.
  • Thread layout changes for eight-core setups on Windows 10 has been made better. This leads to the performance is improved.
  • Also, there is a remarkable improvement to the performance in upgrades and tuning screens on Windows 10.
  • A stall where you drove in Byron Bay on Windows 10 is fixed.
  • In addition to this, the stall when using Drivatar liveries while you are driving on Windows 10 is fixed, too.
  • Fixed the stall when moving in free roam on Xbox One

Wheel Support

Furthermore, you can get the wheel support when you play Forza Horizon 3 game.

  • Improved the Force Feedback dead zone and FFB performance when driving on tarmac on Xbox One and Windows 10
  • Fixed the bug where the wheel button prompted, you can match the in-game bindings on Windows 10 easily
  • Actions which must be delineated are identified in the UI. The number of those actions is decreased on Windows 10.


Changes for the stability in Forza Horizon 3 download are important and essential.

  • Fixed the bug where having an enabled microphone without speech pack being installed would make the title crash on Windows 10
  • Fixed the issue that caused the game crash for some players on Windows 10 after they joined the event Maroondah Road Bucket List
  • Fixed the problem which created the game crash for many Windows 10 and Xbox One players when they tried to enjoy online Bucket List Blueprint challenges with mismatched DLC
  • Fixed the bug where causing the crash for Forza Horizon 3 game as well as for some players when they were collecting Loyalty Rewards while they were in a Convoy
  • Fixed the issue making the game crash when Xbox One players paused the game
  • Fixed the trouble that causing the game crash when you used the AMD R9 Fury X graphics card on Windows 10
  • Finally, fixed a TDR for Windows 10 players

Some general improvements

You can take a look at the general improvements in the new patch reserved for Forza Horizon 3 game in the following list.

  • Fixed for the photo mode which becomes blurry for many Windows 10 players
  • Improved the music playback on Xbox One
  • Upgraded basket UI so that supports mouse can input for Windows 10
  • Fixed the bug where preventing Windows 10 players from progressing past the Start screen without internet connection
  • Added Master Volume option for Windows 10 players
  • Fixed Advanced Camera functionality in left and top views in Paintshop
  • It’s possible for you to enable Rewind when you come back from Co-op to Solo
  • Added the option to mute microphones
  • You can keep driving when you run out of fuel

Changes for the gameplay

Don’t forget to dig differences for the gameplay of Forza Horizon 3 download!

  • Horizon Edition cars, which boosting Skills or XP, will not provide any benefit for you when you are in the Online Adventure.
  • Fixed the problem where the Perk “The XP Bump” operated in the Online Adventure. And now, it can’t give any advantage for single player racing
  • Added a 30-second cooldown to the Drift Tap Skill
  • Decreased the number of XP which you would receive for banking Skill Chains
  • Reduced 3-star score objective on the Drift Zones consisting of Mountain Scramble, Mountain Foot, Reservoir, and Gold Mine
  • Removed previous Horizon Edition cars from Wheelspins and added new ones (BAC Mono Horizon Edition , Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Horizon Edition, Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV Horizon Edition, Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series Horizon Edition, MG Metro 6R4 Horizon Edition, MINI Cooper S Horizon Edition, and the Subaru Impreza 22B STi Horizon Edition)
  • Added the name of the current Championship to Car Select in Online Adventure in order to help you pick out the most suitable vehicle
  • Horizon Edition cars are able to show the exact bonus for Wheelspins.
  • Fixed the issue where the Landmarks stat was incorrectly listed as 21, instead of 19, resulting in stopping you getting 100% complete
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