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Forza Horizon 3 Review – “An Exhilarating Thrill Ride”

Forza Horizon 3 Review – “An Exhilarating Thrill Ride”

Forza Horizon 3 is the third Forza Horizon game related to the most racing taking place in an open world environment based on the terrain of Australia, consisting of the map twice the size of that in the second part with many locations, for example, Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, Yarra Valley and the Outback. You will be able to engage a four-player co-operative multiplayer campaign or play cross-platform. Aside from that, you can own 350 cars when you join in Forza Horizon 3 game. It is also the largest amount of the vehicles to be shown in a Horizon game until now.

You will become the director of the Festival and your role is to create the biggest festival in the world as soon as possible while previous Horizon games described the player as one of the racers of the festival. After being the director, you can hire or fire any race as well as organize, customize these racers and Bucket List events around the map by using the new Horizon Blueprint feature. Thus, you are allowed to change the style and ethnicity of the character or vehicles with the paint, designs, upgrades, or body kits from manufacturers Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk. Meanwhile, Barn Finds and the Auction House are other aspects of Forza Horizon game. In which, Barn Finds are places where you can collect the notice of a Barn Find rumor and the Auction House is where all of you can bid on cars. I can say that Forza Horizon is the best racing game that I have ever enjoyed.

Look and feel

Visually, Forza Horizon 3 is an amazing racing video game can reach the new record when giving out the awesome beauty of everything from cars to graphics that you can look with your naked eyes.

The best racing game in the series

Obviously, Forizon Horizon 3 is a great Forizon Horizon game that you can find the best arcade experiences which making you obtain the thrilling moments when you have the chance to control your car. It is much more exciting than its sister series Motorsport. It can’t compete with the fun that you get when racing on a mixed surface in a Subaru where you can see dust clouds and steer through the shallow water area while the racing track has its perks. Besides, you can receive lots of joy when you engage in Forizon Horizon 3.

Forza Horizon 3 ReviewThere are many traditional laps along with sprint races and a percentage-to-finish and three-to-four race Championships making up for the majority of the focused racing aspect. These will go with a requirement or the new blueprint. The blueprint will help you change the races your way. You should choose the car type suitable to your experience. You may not want to find yourself spinning out in the sand with a lightning-fast track car. It’s really not good when you are in such an environment.

Additionally, the rewind features will also welcome a return. If you get trouble, press Y on the Xbox pad to rewind the time and improve a new position.

Forza Horizon 3 ReviewIn Forizon Horizon game, cars look very impressive, especially, the detail inside. If you have the occasion to barrel down a sand dune at 100 miles per hour, you can crash and your Audi will flip after that. The European setting of the previous game was interesting. However, Australia will give to you numerous surprises because it contains the variety of landscapes from cities, forest-covered grasslands, the dusty, sand-laden Outback to dCate.


Forza Horizon 3 has no a story. But, you can realize a loose narrative. As we have told above, you are the director or the boss of the Horizon Festival. You have arrived Australia and you can embark on your job instantly. You will accompany with the employee Keira, Australia’s own wacky Warren or the assistance of ANNA, the own navigation system. You will have to build up these festival spots quickly. You should sign the game on radio stations and listen to their catalog. In addition to this, the host of the show will mention to what you have been up. They will play the special songs that can boost your skill meter.


Forza Horizon 3 ReviewForza Horizon 3 is an extremely appealing open-world racing game. It’s free for you to discover landscapes of Australia and participate in races! You have many objectives aside from winning such as earning credits, experience, and fans. When you gather more fans, you are ready to expand the Horizon Festival and branch to other areas which unlock new races, PR stunts, and photo opportunities. It is regarded as the core progression of your Forza Horizon game. Moreover, Forza Horizon 3 emphasizes Online Modes and Clubs.


Forizon Horizon 3 game has an attracting content for months as far as it is stated. Keira will notify about talented racers taking part in the festival. If you can overtake all of them in a street racing, they will be recruited and grant many valuable bonuses. How to do that? You must look for them and compete with them later. The racing is pretty short. You are able to enjoy and add more effective benefits to your experience. The good source of credits is necessary for you to possess very fancy cars. The targets which own the high value will be aimed. They can appear nearby on the mini-map. To achieve the healthy reward, you have to organize a street race and beat the drag. It is a remarkable way to acquire any other source in the short time.

Experience and skill level

The experience that you owned is taken from the race that you joined before. The Lucky Spins will gift you whatever the cursor stops with credit reward and other worthy cars. Skill levels are obtained once you get enough the skill points while racing, drifting, getting the air of trashing the area without hitting anything. When you have the condition to level up, you can have a point to invest in a Perk, which gives you bonuses.

PR stunts and special events

The game will bring a lot of power-players back if the traditional racing or basic street drags can’t meet your demand. PR Stunts and Bucket List events will be the stimulating challenge for you to accomplish a certain quest in a certain area. Some of them will require you have to take a high-speed leap over a Danger Sign ramp and land your car on another end while others will ask you to steer the own car at high speed down a highway. It is the fast method to earn fans.

Furthermore, special events can become anything from Speed Trap cameras. Drift Zones are the place that you can perform the best drift between the starting and the ending points. It’s similar to the PR stunts when these small events supply with the chance of earning fans. You will be able to get the high rate between one and three stars. You can try again to take over what you want.

Return of the showcase races

The playground has an off-road truck race in which you will play against a military helicopter which carries a jeep as a part of the start moments. When you advance through the Horizon Festivals, you will reach a Showcase race then. They may be the biggest spectacle setting a specific vehicle against a crazy alternative. You will race a freight train and speed boats against others. It’s very hard for you to win in Showcases!

Online options and clubs

Forza Horizon 3 is an awesome racing game where you adhere in clubs and gather neutral players. The online modes will occur within the same world as clubs. You and others will race, win, get credits, experience, skill points and dominate the world.

Forza Horizon 3 ReviewThe photo mode and garage are where you will purchase upgrades to equip for your cars as well as pick out cars that you love from the Horizon Festival Auto-Show. It’s available for you to tune the car for more invested gear-heads! The new Drone Mode lets you have a different experience when you can explore the world around you outside the car. There are various customization options, community generated and developer-made. Therewith, you can see multiple collectibles returning. The XP boards and Fast Travel boards with the Barn Yard Finds have come back.

Although Forza Horizon 3 is not a perfect game related to racing topic, it can make almost players happy and satisfied. Why don’t you have fun with your selected chapter and conquer the challenge now? Thanks for your reading!

Forza Horizon 3 Review – “An Exhilarating Thrill Ride”
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