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Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon is a popular racing game advanced by Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios as well as published by Microsoft Studios. The game is playable on Xbox 360 platform and it is known as the fifth chapter in Forza series, even though it was viewed as a canon spinoff. There are other installments that you can check out, such as Forza Horizon 2 launched on 30 September 2014, Forza Horizon 3 launched on 27 September 2016.

Gameplay of Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon

Bases on the fictional Horizon Festival, the game developers created Forza Horizon giving an amazing and fantastic racing competition which takes place in Colorado. There are so many discrepant gameplay elements that combine with other aspects from former Forza Motorsports titles such as plenty of cars, amusing graphics and wonderful physics. All players have to show off their excellent skills and their goal is to get wristbands through conquering the races, gaining more popularity, demolishing stuff, as well as presenting nice tricks and stunts.

Forza Horizon also contains various types of race, ranging from drift to rally and direct races. With single player mode, the players will encounter A.I traffic on the roads, also, they will get a chance to compete with other skilled drivers from Horizon festival in a face-to-face race to a given zone. All the locations are unsystematic every time, and also, the AI is able to utilize some shortcuts so that they can get an edge over the players. There is no specific time for the races to happen! They mostly occur at discrepant times during the day or night, so you will even get a chance to join the night races as well. While racing, the players will gain street cred by speeding up and driving like crazy. They must drift carefully, pass all deadly impediments and put their effort into driving the car with two wheels so that they can earn street cred. All of these stuff can be combined and they may have an effect on the cash that players will be paid at the end of the competition. The popularity level of one player is also affected by the cred. If you level up your popularity, you will be able to unlock new specific events, like racing against other planes or even tough helicopters.

Forza HorizonThe game features speed traps too, which brings challenges to the players, and they can battle against each other to achieve the top speed in one specific zone. All the player times will be recorded by the cameras, and those times can be shared between the opponents. They will try to conquer the shared times! The barn find cards will be presented in the game, which gives the players a chance to find them, get them retrieved and can be added to the car collection later.

The players are able to purchase or sell their vehicles at an autoshow, or keep their cars upgraded in a garage, as well as pain or decorate their car at a paint shop. These locations are featured in the game in order to help players manage their cars, customize them or even put them on sales. They can even catch sight of some discount signs in the free-roam mode, which will bring them a price reduction when purchasing stuff or upgrades.

Development Process

Playground Games in association with Turn 10 Studios are the developers of Forza Horizon. The workers mostly worked at different famous studios which are famous for other racing games and series like Colin McRae: Dirt, Colin McRae Rally, Race Driver: Grid and Burnout as well as Project Gotham Racing. At the very beginning stage of making Forza Horizon, all employees started researching on up to 30 locations in real life, and finally, they chose Colorado as the official location to create a street race. At first, the design of the in-game world was made with 2D layout, after a while, the whole team development changed it into various locations made with 3D models. There are plenty of kinds of a landscape featuring in the game, such as mountain roads that are filled with snow, plains, foothills and one location based on Red Rocks Park of Colorado. According to the developers, the biggest challenges to them are searching for ways to move back and forth between these locations, also flora and fauna are added to the game to make the whole in-game scene more amazing, realistic and wonderful.

Forza HorizonThe 1000 Club was a DLC pack in the Xbox Marketplace for free, and it was launched on 16 April 2013. It was created for expanding the Forza Horizon’s gameplay with a lot of new achievements added to the game and many medals as well. It consists of two cars that are used for free, the Ruf CTR2 and the Ford F100. There are around 5 or 6 achievements that the players can unlock for every single car. If they finish all achievements, they will be able to unlock real Xbox achievements.


From many critics, Forza Horizon received lots of good reviews. The total score of the review given out by website Metacritic was 85/100. There are two nice scores given by two kinds of individuals, including Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb and David Wahlström of Eurogamer Sweden, along with 69% acceptance from Phillip Kollar of Polygon. 80% acceptance rating or even higher were the larger number of scores, which helped the game placed in the top 20 Xbox LIVE titles in the initial two months.

Forza HorizonOli Welsh – a Eurogamer deputy editor reviewed Horizon as “a big, exciting game that finally brings car enthusiasts together with the realistic open roads they crave.” He noticed that thanks to the unique and nice handling, the players are able to enjoy their driving even if they are driving the slowest car. The visuals of the game were complimented by Matthew Kato of Game Informer. He kind of impressed the dynamic and lively day/night cycle as well as the fully described environment as well as the cars, so he gave high grades for them! With the Cat and Mouse multiplayer chase mode in the game, he gave high grades for that too!

Forza Horizon
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